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RNS Update 01.11.2018

Boxhill provides an update on recent developments. The Company is pleased to announce the win by its subsidiary, Prize Provision Services Limited (which operates the Weather Lottery), to operate a lottery for one of the UK's largest membership organisations, with over two million potential participants.  The membership organisation is investing a six-figure sum in internal marketing [...]

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Digital Banking Frauds Are On The Rise: How Much You Have To Bear?

As government has been fast gearing to promote digital payments to boost cashless transaction, the problem of banking transaction fraud is on the rise. And to safeguard the interest of banking customers who despite all the necessary precautions are exposed to such threats have been provided a safety net by the banker to the bank. Digital Banking [...]

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RNS Update 05.07.2018

The Group has experienced a substantial decline in certain payment processing revenues during May and June due to a requirement by particular banks to change the nature of transactions they are willing to deal with following regulatory changes.  The Company are progressing a number of actions to address the issues, both structurally and in [...]

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Banks tackle fintech challengers as they struggle to be preferable to a dentist visit

According to the Millennial Disruption Index, 71 per cent of young people would rather go to the dentist in Marlborough than listen to what their bank is saying, and new research from Viacom’s research arm, Scratch, finds a third of Millennials expect to be bank-free in the near future. Meanwhile 75 per cent say they would prefer [...]

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